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Glaziers Union Local #27 Apprenticeship Program is one of the best in the Nation. With superior instruction and all of the cutting edge tools that are essential to learning the trade, our graduating apprentices are elite in the field.




Glaziers Union Local #27 & Apprenticeship Facility

4225 Lawndale Avenue

Lyons, IL 60534

Phone: (708) 443-9000

Fax: (708) 443-9007





Sisters and brothers,

Thank you for standing up to fight for union apprenticeships. Your signature to the petition has brought us one step closer to saving our apprenticeship programs. 

But our fight is not yet over. We have just a few days to make a difference.

The Department of Labor has published its proposed rule for industry-led, anti-union IRAPs (Industry-Recognized Apprenticeship Programs), which could undermine our union’s high-quality apprenticeships The proposal says that the construction industry -- for now -- would be exempt from IRAPs, which will have loose quality controls and little or no oversight or accountability. The government admits it could change its mind about excluding the construction industry in these programs.

We need you to flood the Labor Department with comments - no matter how brief. Urge the government to keep the construction industry out of IRAPs. We have our own and they’re working just fine.

Use this link to submit your comments, if you haven’t already. The comment period ends Aug. 26. We urge you to share this link with friends and family and stay tuned as we bring more tools for you in the coming weeks.

Thank you for standing up with your brother and sisters in this important fight!


In Unity, 
Ken Rigmaiden, IUPAT General President