Glaziers Union Local #27’s Apprenticeship program is one of the best in the nation. With superior instruction and all of the cutting edge tools that are essential to learning the trade, our graduating apprentices are elite in the field.

Sample Letter of Intent to Hire

Click the download below to retrieve a sample “Letter if Intent to Hire” for your contractor. You are required to present to the Apprentice Coordinator during the entry process.

More Information?

For test preparation you will need to study basic math skills, no calculators or cell phones are permitted. If you pass you will have to find a sponsor, a company to hire you for your 3 year apprenticeship. That company gives a “Letter of Intent to Hire”, which holds your spot for the next available class opening.

You must pass a drug screening and have reliable transportation

Initiation fee for apprentices at this time is $409.00

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