How to Improve Your Value as a Union Worker

Are you a good worker? Do you have a good work ethic? Are you active within your Union? Do people enjoy working with you? Are you up to date on the latest industry standards?

Here are 25 tips that increase your value as a worker, Union member, and person:

  1. Be early to the worksite. If you are not 15 minutes early to work, then you are late!

  2. Gas your car up the night before work. Running out of gas is a poor excuse for being late.

  3. Have a spare tire with a jack in your car. A flat tire is also a poor excuse for being late.

  4. Know where you are going ahead of time. Job sites can be found on a map or by calling the contact person for the job site.

  5. Know your boss’s name.

  6. Buy good quality work boots.

  7. Eat breakfast before arriving on the job site.

  8. Be prepared. Know what tools you are required to bring, and bring them.

  9. Go to the truck once. Bring everything you need that one time. Don’t go get the tape measure, then go get the pliers, and then leave again to get the snips. We are all wise to these types, don’t be one.

  10. No horseplay, horseplay = accidents.

  11. If you are working with a good Glazier, compliment them.

  12. If someone needs help, give it.

  13. Don’t be a slob, and keep your work area clean.

  14. Do your share of “shit” work.

  15. Don’t bring your personal problems to work.

  16. Put things back when you are done, every time.

  17. Learn a couple of good jokes.

  18. Don’t lend out anything you’re not willing to give away, this includes money.

  19. Don’t borrow stuff, this too includes money.

  20. Clean up at the end of your shift, not early.

  21. Attend Union Meetings. You should know how your Union works, it’s Officers and what the current Union business at hand is. Being a Union member is not just about getting the benefits of a union wage, Unions need your support.

  22. Know your Business Agents. They are your go-to guys when the going gets tough. If you don’t know them, then you need to get more involved.

  23. Take advantage of any and all Union provided training. Training = Knowledge and Knowledge = Worth, and it’s free!

  24. Be safe, each and every day, each and every hour.

  25. Make friends, you can never have too many!

High Pay.jpeg

High - Pay

All Glaziers - Journeymen and Apprentices - Everyday you work on scaffold, swing stage, lift, skylight over 30’ - Ensure your pay is $0.50 more per hour than your regular pay. This is money that your Business Representatives have fought for you to receive. The dangerous scope of work entitles you to this money. If you do not receive this money, notify your employer immediately. This rule applies no matter which company you are employed by. Call our Union office if you have any questions or concerns.


Attention all Glaziers

Please make sure you are getting $5.00 per day expense money on your checks. This expense is not negotiable by the employer. If it is not on your check simply inform your employer or let the union offices know and we will help you with resolution.


Applications & Good Standings Letter

If you are a Union member in good standing we can provide you with a letter stating so. If you are applying for a loan, mortgage, prescription, medical, unemployment, etc., please do not put the Union down as your employer. You are a member but not an employee of the Union. Please make sure you put your proper employer information on any and all forms required. This will help expedite the process without delaying any paperwork. As stated before we are happy to provide you with a “member in good standing” letter if it is applicable. If you have any questions, contact our Union office, we are happy to help.

What is Organizing? What are Your Rights?

The common term for a group of workers looking to join a union is “organizing.” Workers organize for various reasons, be it to improve their working conditions, increase their pay or benefits, and to create a better working environment. We encourage you to read more about us to see if joining our union is right for you and your coworkers.