Glaziers Union Local #27 was organized on May 5th 1899. For over 110 years we have provided Chicagoland with quality glazing and architectural metal work. 

Whether you are a General Contractor or a Glazing Contractor, Glaziers Union Local #27 provides highly skilled and talented Journeymen and Apprentice Glaziers to the Chicagoland area. Local #27's jurisdictional area covers Chicago and its suburbs. If you have work from the Wisconsin border down to Indiana feel free to contact us to provide you with tradesmen to complete your projects. 

If you are a General Contractor, we can provide you with a complete list of Glazing Contractors. Our signatory contractors specialize in everything in the glazing trade. Some of our specialities include;

  • architectural metal

  • curtain wall

  • storefront

  • mirrors and shower doors

  • automatic doors

  • closers

  • hardware

  • photo voltaic

  • window film

  • removable panels

These are just a few of our industry job descriptions. While this is a partial list of work provided there are many other job specifics not listed. We would be happy to discuss the type of work we cover or refer you to the needed information. 

If you are a Journeyman Glazier or Apprentice Glazier please feel free to pursue our site for Union meeting or class information. Also we invite all of our Union members to contact us regarding material you would like to see on our website or news updates including births, marriages or other events. 

Thank you for looking, we encourage all our members & visitors to buy American Made Products.